Politique d'expédition


Shipping is available on all items in our store. We currently ship to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and major cities in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Quebec and Alberta. For certain rural areas, we hold the right to cancel orders if the delivery service cannot deliver in a specific amount of time. All orders should be received 24-72 hours after leaving our facility to ensure product quality and freshness are maintained. We only ship from Monday - Wednesday to ensure the product arrives prior to the weekend. 

If there is a shipping delay, which does occur sometimes we ask that you contact us at orders@accovert.com with your name, order number and that you believe your shipment is delayed and we will advise the proper procedures. We ship "overnight" and all our orders with a TTI, a device that measures the temperature inside the box so you can be confident in our product quality. If the TTI is green/yellow temperature has not been lost and you are safe to consume/refrigerate/refreeze. If the TTI is orange/red please contact us immediately to go over the next steps as the product has lost temperature.

Shipments may be left by the courier at your home, if so it is your responsibility to get the shipment promptly before the product spoils. Please place the product in a fridge or freeze it upon receiving it. Please ship to a location where someone will be able to pick it up immediately. If no one is home, the order may be left at your door and it is your responsibility to attend to the product.

Please note consuming raw seafood is at your own risk. We always recommend that you cook any food to prevent those risks. Using it for sushi/sashimi or raw oysters should be done if trained properly. Consuming raw fish and shellfish is at your own risk


Inventory of seafood has many factors and there may be a discrepancy between the website and our actual inventory. If you place an order for a product we don't have in our facility, you will be contacted as soon as possible to discuss alternative products or a refund on those items.


If you are not completely satisfied with your order please contact us within 48 hours of your delivery. If you are not satisfied, when appropriate, we will replace your order or refund your money, depending on the circumstance. We guarantee all of our orders to reassure you. 

Please make sure to be at your place of delivery when the package arrives because if the delivery is missed or left at your location, you will still be responsible for the charges and no refund will be issued.

 Eating raw fish (i.e for sushi, oysters & etc.) is as at your own risk.